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Solite Kids develop educational dan entertaining games for kids since 2016. Now we have more than 80 games that are designed to teach children with colors, shapes, numbers, alphabet, music etc. We are a team of professionals who are inspired by their activity. Our mission is to create interactive games for kids from 2 to 12 years old which help parents qualitatively educate, develop and entertain their kids. Our work in facts : * 9 is the number of our crew who create games. * 80+ games have been released on the Google Play * More than 10 million people have downloaded our games * Our games regularly hit the top-charts of Google Play

Meet Our Team

Asadullohil Ghalib

Asadullohil Ghalib

CEO & Producer

Have a strong leadership and management skill. He trusted as CEO of Solite Kids
Asadullohil Ghalib

Miftah Alfian Syah

Lead Programmer

Have an excellent programming skills. He can implement game design to be a row of code quickly.
Asadullohil Ghalib

M. Bagus Muslim

Lead Artist

A man who talented in visual art. He has thousand idea to make good game design for kids.
Asadullohil Ghalib

Agus Andiyono

Web Programmer

A man who has interest on Web Technology such as Laravel, Vue and React. He trusted as Fullstack Web Developer.
Asadullohil Ghalib

Farich Trifa Handika

2D & 3D Artist

Designer who has multiple design skills such as 2D Vector Art and 3D Modeling.
Asadullohil Ghalib

Robby Alamsyah


A man who never tired to learn about the newest mobile technology especially Android and iOS.
Asadullohil Ghalib

M. Rifandi Lihawa

Music Creator

Have a good skill in music composing. He trusted as Music Creator.
Asadullohil Ghalib

Moh. Bukhori


A man who have responsibility to make sure all crew in the office happy when doing a job.
Asadullohil Ghalib

Khoirun Nisa


Responsible for welcoming visitors and customers, also directing various administrative projects.
Asadullohil Ghalib

Lisyia Herna Aisyah

Voice Over Talent

Developing a strong and clear speaking voice is a crucial part of the process of bringing the script to life is her job.

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Khayangan Residence Cluster Mahabarata No. D3-06 Kab. Bangkalan

Monday - Friday : 08:00 AM to 16:00 PM